Book launch

I am heading to Beaufort, Victoria, a town near Chute where my grandfather was born and the home of the Cyril Callister Foundation, for the launch of my centennial edition book Vegemite: The True Story of the Man Who Invented an Australian Icon (Murdoch Books 2023). This year, as we celebrate 100 years of Vegemite, I am keen to spread the story nationally speaking at schools and to business. It is a story of perseverance, determination and integrity that will resonate with all Australians.

The launch will be held at Beaufort Town Hall on Tuesday, May 2, at 11.30am, and everyone is invited to attend.

We have the Pyrenees Chorale singing We’re Happy Little Vegemites and Vegemite brownies and scones baked by CWA Beaufort.

You need to register to attend.

Watch the film to learn more about my family story.

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