Vegemite finds its rightful home

I was pleased to see this pop up.

The 2017 acquisition of Vegemite by the Australian company Bega represents a complete full circle for an Aussie favourite.

The takeover forms an important part in the epilogue of the centenary edition of Vegemite.

It is fantastic to see it is appropriately acknowledged as another fascinating episode in the overall Vegemite story.

I was fortunate to talk to Bega’s chairman Barry Irvin and get an insight into the purchase of Vegemite.

It’s great to see an Australian company take back one of our most loved products. And for Vegemite which owes much of its success to cheese it’s a fitting combination as we celebrate 100 years.

I won’t go into the details – you can read it for yourself – but it’s also interesting to see Harvard Business School have found the takeover significant enough to write a paper on it.

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